Diabetes Destroyer Review of Home Remedies By David Andrews

Diabetes Destroyer Review

When you first visit the Diabetes Destroyer website, a video will automatically play that offers an information about the creator of the program, David Andrews and his goals associated with this system. His ebook contains a lot of data that includes various chapters focused on diabetic nutrition as well as other components on a diabetic lifestyle that help individuals with diabetes and how to cure the disease. This book is focused on natural remedies, which many people nowadays agree are the best solutions to many health problems.

Diabetes Destroyer includes a nutritional plan that is specialized and assures to assist in ridding the requirements of taking Insulin or Metformin as the body will begin to learn to control its very own Insulin output. In fact, the program promises individuals a completed cure for the disease and challenges any sufferer to try it.
What Does The Diabetes Destroyer Program Involve?

This book emphasizes on specific food types that are now proven to be the direct cause of diabetes. Many of the foods are self-explanatory and include excessive use of coffee, tea and salt, white flour, meat and processed meat products, fats and of course sugar. Despite the fact that there are various stories cropping up about the fact that these foods “are not so bad”; individuals must be educated on information that these food types are known as a “slow killers.” One of the main reasons as to why these foods are regarded as dangerous is due to the fact that they cause unnecessary inflammation to the organs in the body. This causes the organs to work in a state of “overdrive” in order to try and process them.

White sugar is one of the worst food types that shows up a very alarming increase in cases related to the diagnosis of diabetes, yet it is a sad fact that ignorance still prevails over this particular connection. According to David Andrews, the stomach becomes irritated when it has to deal with the difficulty related to trying to digest refined white sugar. In addition, sugar is known as a type of nutrient thief that will always rob the body of any minerals or vitamins that have been digested.

The Diabetic Destroyer system pays extreme attention to the construction of what is known as the “diabetic diet” and advises the readers to decrease or avoid any fast foods as well as “white foods” like white pasta and gluten that contains grains. The author goes on to stress that the reader should be focusing on “real water” and “real food” that will assist the body in shedding carbohydrate weight on its own.
How Does The Diabetes Destroyer Program Work?

The central component of this treatment plan is to help people realize that gluten should be viewed as a toxin and how to eliminate this poison from your diet. Various diabetics from around the world had stated that they were able to cure the symptoms related to diabetes when they truly adopted a diet that was 100% gluten free.

This guide involves far more than just avoiding gluten, it includes an entire overhaul of one’s lifestyle and diet. This means that people who wish to follow this program must be prepared to start on a new footing and reconstruct all their existing habits. This requires a very open mind in order for the program to become effective.
Breakdown Of The System

The First Phase: The Meal Plan

The meal plan as laid out in the book is only a temporary diet that will need to be followed in order to attain the right type of nutrients that are required to revive the organ known as the pancreas. This diet focuses on getting the pancreas back to a state of normal functioning, and this is possible with the right types of food.

The Second Phase: Increasing The Metabolism

When a diabetic reaches a stage that their metabolism increases, they will soon experience an increase in natural insulin production. The Diabetes Destroyer guide covers how this is possible along with a “30 Second Workout”, that is said to keep the metabolism going through the day. Also, David Andrews offers his advice of adding “3 Metabolism Boosting Berries” that should be added to meals.

The Third Phase: Meal Timing

The steps involved in this part of the program cover how an individual can make use of meal scheduling that will help to keep their diabetes under control. One of the most important parts of this step involves information about breakfast and an essential element that assists on how to begin their day in the correct way. This method helps in keeping the blood glucose levels under control for the remainder of the day.
What You Will Get When You Order The Diabetic Destroyer:

•A Diabetes Program that has been trusted by doctors.

•Information about Glucose spiking foods and habits.

•Accessibility to a video known as “Insulin Sensitivity: The Shortcut To Weight Loss”, this video trains one to use insulin resistance in order to lose excess weight.

•Insider reports on up-to-date research on how to naturally reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

•A Video Recipe Guide that includes “3 Diabetic Friendly Desserts.”

•A Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Destroying Snacks.

•A fantastic 60-day refund policy.

•A video guide on “Meal Timing For Weight Loss.”
The Pros

•The entire program has been created based on only proven and tried methods.

•To date, more than 30,000 diabetics have stated that they have found a satisfying solution with this unique program.

•It offers a natural and immediate cure for pre-diabetes and Type 2 that puts an end to insulin injections or the need for drugs that often produce horrible side-effects.

•This guide is seen as easy-to-read and follow for long-term and new sufferers.

•There is 60 day money back guarantee.
The Cons

•The guide includes a few conspiracies about a number of pharmaceutical companies and how they are all after money.

•This program involves an entire change in lifestyle that can sometimes feel overwhelming or scary.

•The guide is in no way an overnight cure and takes a lot of determination and discipline as well as the ability to follow the instructions precisely.

However, Andrews stresses the fact that no-one should immediately stop taking their insulin or medication cold-turkey. Instead, they should first begin the task of jump-starting the pancreas in a natural way and, therefore, decreasing the blood sugar. Only once a doctor has given the go ahead on whether the individual can stop their medication will it be safe to eliminate such prescriptions. He goes on to state that he is not against every type of medication, as certain types of drugs at this stage are the only way to heal certain diseases.

The most exciting part about this guide is that it is now available for only $37. This low price makes it affordable so that it can be shared with various people all over the world. Andrews asks individuals who suffer from diabetes to take just a moment to think about how their lives could be entirely different if they could throw away their insulin or medication and go to lead a healthy and normal life. He believes that this is indeed possible if one is determined and willing to take back control of their life with the right nutrition and the right information along with a new found energy and a way to lose weight.

When on the official website the reader will be able to view the secured checkout page, where information is required for the reader to obtain their own copy of this guide. On check-out, the reader is directed to the “instant access” download page.

This is where the Diabetes Destroyer can be easily downloaded. It allows the reader to read the book on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer or it can be printed out and then read anywhere. Once downloaded there will be access available to the “video guides” that come included in the system.

The Diabetes Destroyer is an entirely natural treatment type used to put a complete stop to expensive drugs, irritating insulin injections and the ill side effects such as the contributing factor to Kidney failure in many patients.

The guide includes valuable information on how a diabetic person should start their day and the food types that should be eaten first thing in the morning in order to maintain a healthy glucose level throughout the day. In addition, Andrews suggests tricks that can be used to keep glucose levels under control during the day.

In conclusion, the Diabetes Destroyer is entirely based on methods that have already been tested and proven to decrease blood glucose levels. The proven results speak for themselves as over 30,000 people have already taken incredible benefits from incorporating this system into their own lives.


Diabetes Destroyer – Could this be the solution for Diabetes?

Diabetes Destroyer review


Diabetes Destroyer Review


Diabetes Destroyer is an exciting new product for diabetes treatment designed by David Andrews from diabetesdestroyer.com, its purpose to relieve sufferers of type 2 diabetes, by assisting them in keeping their symptoms under control, and lower blood sugar levels. The final stage would be for the sufferer to no longer need Metformin or Insulin.

you would have total control over your body, although technically you would still be diabetic. But only on paper.

Is this just another “diabetes cure” scam, or is it a legitimate treatment guidebook that can be applied to eliminate symptoms of diabetes? This review is going to get to the bottom of it.


In this review I will answer the question, is this just another “diabetes cure” scam?, or if it is a legitimized treatment guidebook that can be used to get rid of symptoms of diabetes.




What is The Program?



On the vendors website you have a couple of options as to how you learn about the product, one being a lengthy video which plays immediately on arrival to the site, or secondly in text format which can be accessed by simply scrolling to the bottom of the page. Personally I’m a visual kind of person so I preferred the video.

Diabetic nutrition is covered extensively throughout the book, it has other aspects of a diabetic lifestyle included as well to help you in your path to cure your diabetes completely. The books main focus is on natural remedies and cures, which we can all agree seem to always be so much better for your body!


Diabetes Destroyer comes with a tailor made plan, promising to help you get rid of using Metformin or Insulin, this goal is met, by your body in time being able to handle Insulin output all by itself. The book sets you a challenge to completely cure yourself of diabetes, the opportunity to improve your current circumstances and quality of life is there! If you chose to accept it.


More Info



Certain foods are mentioned in the book that have been proven through scientific studies to cause diabetes. Some of the basic ones are fats, white flour, and excessive use of salt, sugar, tea and coffee. The media has been known to latch onto fraudulent stories suggesting these foods “aren’t that bad”, yet people should realise without a doubt, these foods are killing you slowly.


One of the reasons these foods are so bad for your health is, the symptoms of ingesting these foods in unhealthy quantities. These symptoms being, inflammation of organs causing your body to be put under un-needed stress trying to process them.


White sugar as mentioned in the book is one of the largest contributors to the increasing cases of diabetes throughout society. Increased consumption of white sugar has of course led to an increase in diabetic people, somehow though this simple occurrence has been overlooked by health organisations. White sugar acts as like a thief in your digestion system, depriving the body of essential vitamins and minerals as it is digested, this was paid attention to specifically in the book.


A special diabetic diet is laid out in the book paying special attention to reducing harmful foods like pasta and gluten containing grains, and fast foods. Readers are encouraged to focus on drinking a healthy quantity of water and focusing on REAL food to shred extra weight on their own.


How Does it Work?


An important factor in this treatment is acknowledging Gluten as a harmful toxin, that if eliminated can be a very good start to reducing or even getting rid of altogether symptoms common to diabetes.


This is just one factor in the book, Diabetes Destroyer recommends a fresh look at your diet and lifestyle. Starting at the beginning and re-designing your habits. Having an open mind in all of this is recommended, for this to be as beneficial as possible.

Book Breakdown

Step 1: Meal Plan


A meal plan for you to follow only for a period of time at the start, to ensure your pancreas is revived and functioning as it should be. As expected, this requires certain foods to kick start the process.


Step 2: Boosting Your Metabolism


Metabolic rate, meaning the rate at which your metabolism is working is directly related to your insulin production, the book de-constructs exactly how you can go about increasing your metabolism naturally. A “30-Second Workout” for keeping your metabolism at the correct level can be done as well periodically throughout the day, specifically designed by Andrews. Added to this section is “3 Metabolism Boosting Berries” that can be added to your meals to give your system that little bit extra.


Step 3: Structured Meal Times


The following steps are highlighting the importance of meals and state how the most important meal of the day (breakfast) contains a key element, that if you start your day with, will ensure your blood glucose levels are correct for the remainder of the day.

How to Buy Purchase


You can pick it up by pressing the button bellow. This will take you to the official website where you can purchase it at a discounted price through this website!



The book comes in two versions, hard copy or ebook. 


Purchasing through ClickBank entitles you to an automatic 60-day money back refund policy. This means that if you decide the book isn’t for you, you are welcome to get all of your investment returned.




  • Comes with a generous 60 day refund policy


  • An alternative to tingling, insulin injections, and requirement of diabetic drugs that can have negative side affects. Providing a natural solution and cure for type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.


  • Program is user-friendly and easy to follow for new and long term diabetics.




  • Requires some lifestyle changes in order to get the desired results. And change is scary for a lot of people.
  • Includes some negative aspects on pharma companies but in all honestly a lot of the points they make are not wrong.

Overall Rating: 97/100


Diabetes Destroyer is a book for positively affecting people, who have to deal with diabetes or are in the scary downward spiral into possibly ending up with the condition. Everything needed to correct the path your on and change your habits to positively affect your health and well-being is within this detailed guide. At the end of the day the decision rests solely with you. I highly recommend this e-book if you need to make this change or know someone who this guide could help in a getting their health back on track.